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We keep a record of all our bugs and outages on this page so you can keep tabs on us.

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Report a bug using your GROW dashboard or with our friendly team.
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Title Type Priority Status Start Date End Date
GROW Dashboard – My Account page error message Clients with zero products and only domains cannot access the My Account page. All other pages are working. Medium Fix in progress 18/06/2024 10:00 AM AEST Waiting for third-party
TitleTypePriorityStatusStart DateEnd Date
GROW Dashboard – My Account page error messageClients with zero products and only domains cannot access the My Account page. All other pages are working.MediumResolved18/06/2024 10:00 AM AEST19/06/2024 13:00 AEST
24/7 phone line24/7 Phone line is not directing to team due to intermittent issues. The sales and billing line is operational for business hours. Or please use GROW or email support@truegreen.au in interim.HighResolved21/05/2024 10:00 AM AEST27/05/2024 17:00 AEST
Billing – GROW DashboardBilling: invoice double up of line item error. Modified invoices and identified issue.MediumResolved20/05/2024 11:56 PM AEST23/05/2024 09:00 AM AEST
Easy order form – GROW dashboardThe “Transfer domain” option on the form is not loading. Choose the “Use Owned Doman” or call us to complete your order.MediumResolved05/02/2024 11:56 AM AEDST7/02/2024 11:30 PM AEDST
Domain Hosting Tool – GROW dashboardConnection issue when changing domain zone records using the Domain Option ‘DNS Hosting’ tool in GROW. MediumResolved03/01/2024 5:59 AM 05/01/2024 19:00
Display issue on home pageGROW Dashboard – self serve tool is not displaying correctly due to a template issue. MediumResolved08/11/2023 14:3008/11/2023 14:41
Domain Options – Bug for new usersGROW Dashboard – self-serve tool: If the domain is set to ‘Parked’ and DNS Hosting is required, the option is not displaying for new users. Contact support for a fix in the interim while we iron out the bug.MediumResolved02/09/2023 13:4003/09/2023 09:03
Display issuesOtherHighResolved21/07/2021 13:0002/08/2021 11:41
Server (Green Web Host Network)OtherHighResolved19/06/2022 10:5120/06/2022 00:42
Domain search not workingSystemHighResolved27/05/2021 23:5721/07/2021 13:00
Support Department Tickets – Not generatingSystemMediumResolved10/05/2021 07:2525/05/2021 23:24
My Services not loading in GROWSystemHighResolved19/11/2020 09:0719/11/2020 13:02
Service Hours Log in GROW UnavailableSystemMediumResolved06/11/2020 10:4615/12/2020 20:00
Sales/Billing Ticket NotificationsServer (OLD SERVER)LowResolved14/06/2020 21:2915/06/2020 12:16
Green Web Foundation Certificate IssueOtherMediumResolved23/04/2020 21:0314/06/2020 21:33
Processing DelaySystemMediumResolved27/08/2019 22:3027/08/2019 22:54
TitleTypePriorityStatusStart DateEnd Date
Email Plus MaintenanceServer (Email Plus)MediumResolved22/08/2023 02:0022/08/2023 05:00
GROW Dashboard upgradeSystemMediumResolved05/06/2022 00:0115/06/2022 01:17
Network updatesServer (Green Web Host Network)LowResolved16/05/2022 23:1015/06/2022 01:17
GROW Dashboard UpdatesSystemMediumResolved22/05/2021 14:0024/05/2021 08:05
Green Web Host UpgradesServer (OLD SERVER)MediumResolved01/07/2020 23:0006/11/2020 10:46
Maintenance: GROW dashboardSystemMediumResolved29/03/2020 01:0006/04/2020 08:01
Intel Security Update MaintenanceServer (OLD SERVER)CriticalResolved29/06/2019 10:0030/06/2019 22:06
Server Maintenance: intermittent at different stages per email to client on designated time slot.Server (OLD SERVER)CriticalResolved01/02/2019 00:0021/02/2019 19:48
Maintenance Connection RestartServer (OLD SERVER)MediumResolved28/01/2019 01:0028/01/2019 16:29





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