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True Green® is founded by Ray Pastoors, with over 20 years of experience in running small businesses and working in digital and technology.

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Domain Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name also known as a web address, allows you to be easily found on the web.

If we had to rely on internet protocol addresses, customers would have to remember lengthy number patterns to find your website.

Domains make it easier by changing technical numbers into letters or phrases that your audience understands.

A domain is technically a lease agreement with an authorised registrar.

A domain is separate to your web hosting service.

You’ll need a domain and web hosting to have a website.

Web Hosting manages the data your store on servers like images, text and other content you wish to display on the World Wide Web.

Domains are just a name associated with a technical record to make it easier for people to find you.

The two work together to create your digital presence.

Domain privacy is a mechanism where when you register the domain, your personal details are hidden from the public Whois database. It means people can’t see your details unless they have a valid reason to. The database is often scraped by email marketers and companies to sell you products and services.

Domain privacy is available to standard domains. Australian domains like .au,, or ending in .au and New Zealand domains do not have this option supported. Along with some other domain extensions.

Domains can be used to point what we call zone records to services such as email or web hosting.

You’ll still need to purchase hosting or a cloud service for this to work.

A TLD is an acronym for top-level domain. 

It means the last bit of your domain such as .au, or .com depending on the domain name you register.

You can transfer your domain to us online here.

You’ll need to make sure your domain is unlocked and provide us with an EPP code (also known as domain password or key). This will allow us to request the transfer from your current provider.

Once we begin the move, we’ll keep you up to date on how it goes. 

As soon as it comes over you’ll be helping to support 1% for the Planet including the Solar for Schools program.

We display the most common domain extensions on our website.

If you have one not listed, contact us so we can see if we support your domain.

There are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from.

If you’re in Australia and your customers are in majority there too, we usually recommend buying an Aussie domain ending in .au or the new .au domain (just like does).

Some search engine optimisation experts believe that choosing the primary domain extensions helps you to rank better, but there is no exact science to say that’s true.

If your domain is taken, try an alternative name or expression.

Otherwise, if the domain is taken and does not have a web presence, you could try and contact the domain owner using the whois database. Be mindful that domains are often purchased with the intent to make money. So people often snatch up clever names and then resell them for a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

You can forward the domain or redirect it to another web address with our free Domain Management record tool. Simply select the Domain Management option in your GROW dashboard.

Yes, it is common for brand and businesses to purchase more than one domain name, particularly to prevent competitors or scammers from impersonating you.

You need to weigh up the cost of the domain each year vs. the risk associated if someone was to take that name.

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