Protect your business, like you'd protect your home.

True Green® world-class secure web hosting

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Why protect your website online

Just as you keep a lock on your door at home, it pays to add extra layers of protection to your website.

Any unwanted access can lead to viruses being installed on your customer’s devices or their data being leaked, which can feel like someone walking in on you on the loo.

Shark hunting in the water just like cybercrime in Australia

47% of Australians reported being a victim of cybercrime in 2022.

Nearly half of those who reported a cybercrime, faced the issue twice. 

Protecting your consumers from scams is critical.

The amount of money lost due to cyberattacks on small business in Australia

The average cost for a small business cyber incident reported to the Australian Government was $39,000.

Cyber security incidents cost your business money to fix the issue, but can also lead to reputational damage.

A big fish eating a small fish business owner

43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses.

Hackers and bad actors do not discriminate against the size of your operations and are more likely to target those who are vulnerable.

Secure web hosting with artificial intelligence like a naughty list

Naughty detection at its finest

Built-in artificial intelligence

We use a firewall known as Fortinet to learn about how people access and use websites.

When users commit suspicious activities elsewhere in a global network, they fall into the naughty list and are blocked in the firewall to prevent them from seeing or accessing your website.

The activities undertaken require specific thresholds or levels to balance between those who are legitimate users vs. those who are trying to find vulnerabilities in websites or technology online. 

A magpie hacker with a cross mark on it

Manage traffic

To let the good flow in

Your website is your digital business card.

It helps to show you are established and lets people connect with you on the interwebs.

Whether selling goods or providing services, you need your website to stay online for customers to find and order.

Unfortunately, hackers know this and will send large amounts of traffic to websites to disrupt or shut them down.

Using CORERO, we can stabilise our servers and prevent this kind of traffic from entering the Green Web Host network before it causes issues on your website.

Secure sensitive files icon

Protect sensitive files

And keep cloud hosting secure

Your website contains many files, some of which may contain sensitive customer information that has been shared with you via email, in an online form or when someone has made a purchase.

By tracking and monitoring files using CloudLinux technology, we can keep tabs on suspicious activities and prevent known issues from occurring.

The technology also helps to separate your websites and patch them when they are vulnerable, for example when you use an older program language version called PHP.

Malware and virus protection with leaves and cross over red back spider

24/7 virus and malware scans

Monitoring suspicious files

Although a firewall is designed to prevent bad traffic, a compromised login or outdated software can sometimes lead to a vulnerability, leading to a virus/malware installed on your website.

This can pose a risk to you, your data and your customers who visit your business online. It may also lead to a not-safe message being displayed to the user, impacting your brand reputation.

We use Imunify 360 24/7 to monitor any suspicious or known malware files and aim to quarantine (clean) them or alert you.

In addition, in your cPanel, you have access to Monarx security, which helps to detect virus and malware issues.

True Green local and global technology to secure your website online

Enterprise-grade servers

Backed by local and global providers

For your business to succeed online, you need your website to be online.

Our tier 3 datacentres in Australia are designed for a 99.8% uptime (online) result and update or automatically turn itself back on with no one point of failure.

We use enterprise-grade local and global hosting and technology providers to ensure that you’re in safe hands.

And with hourly back-ups in case you make a boo-boo, you’ve got extra safeguards to restore your website when you need to.

Security Plus icon for True Green Sucuri product

For peace of mind, choose Security Plus

Powered by the Sucuri Firewall and network, you’ll leverage a broader range of traffic knowledge to prevent lousy traffic from coming to your website, restrict sensitive areas and help detect and clean up malware or viruses in rapid time.

Get access to premium-level Sucuri without having to pay the hefty price.

Only $33 a month.

Built-in one-click firewall unblock and clear cache (saved website versions) tool in your GROW dashboard

Advanced 24/7 virus, malware and banned website list monitoring to protect your business and reputation

Malware removal and clean-up service with rapid response times.

Speed Optimiser: to improve the load time of your site to the location of your website visitor

Ready to secure your business?