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Winner: Environmental Business 2024

A domain name is an address for your website and a web host is the building in which your website is stored

Your website has a carbon footprint

In 2023, the average website in True Green® Hosting contributed 332kg of CO2.

That’s enough to offset the charging of 45,000 smartphones!

How websites contribute to carbon dioxide emissions

Imagine a little burrow in the ground where you can store all your internet files, images or even websites, like those precious Joey pics.

And just like how a kangaroo needs to use its legs to hop around, a web hosting server (that stores these files) needs power to share that data with the world and keep things running well.

The internet contributes 2-3% of global emissions and is expected to overtake the aviation industry as a big polluter.^

Uncover the 3 dirty elements of the web
True Green Hosting supports the Solar for Schools program to help remote Pacific Island schools ditch fossil fuels

Power schools with solar energy

More than 200 remote schools in Fiji have no access to a power source.

Teachers rely on fossil fuel generators for electricity, which has an impact on carbon emissions.

Our Australia web hosting supports the Solar for Schools program, which brings cleaner energy to the community.

Using the sun’s beauty, schools save on energy costs, which is used to help purchase supplies.

Students also take part in weekly plastic clean-ups to protect marine wildlife.

True Green secure web hosting Australia with world map and lock

World-class security for your business

We provide top-tier world-class security to all our Australian hosting plans to help protect your business because that’s the right thing to do.

What’s included?

  • A firewall to help keep unwanted pesky guests from coming in
  • Artificial traffic attack protection to keep your site online
  • Free standard website Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificate
  • 24/7 malware and virus scans with Imunify360
  • Local secure tier 3 servers
  • Security expertise from global leaders

Hosted in Australia for fast speed

You’ll enjoy faster speeds than overseas providers by hosting your website or email with True Green® Hosting.

Your information will not need to travel from afar, meaning less delay for your files and content to load and a better experience for your precious customers.

Best of all, there are multiple servers to ensure our 99% uptime goal is achieved for your business.

Plus, it’s nice to support a local mate.

Australia surrounded by leaf and water for a better planet
World class security penguins protecting your website hosting in Australia

24/7 tech support every day

When you need us, we’ll be there for you.

Our 24/7 technical penguin pals are great at catching bugs and helping you troubleshoot or find tech gremlins.

You can reach us via your GROW dashboard, email, or phone. Heck, you can even reply to a closed ticket. Genius, right?

The talented team scored 100% satisfaction in our annual client survey. And we respond to 99% of requests in less than 2 hours.

" Ray and the True Green team have been amazing for my small business website hosting.

Super fast load times on my website and supportive customer service when I've needed it. Would highly recommend!"
Lauren Carter
Business owner

" True Green are outstanding - I've been particularly impressed at how they have taken the time to get to know my businesses (I have 3 they manage!) as well as problem solve quickly. I've had the organisation as a supplier for a number of years now and highly recommend their services."
Tanya Meessmann
QLD, Australia

World First Annual Carbon Report Card

There’s no use being green without seeing your positive impact.

That’s why we were the first and only web hosting company to provide an annual carbon report card for websites hosted on our True Green® Hosting network.

Every year you’re with our Australian web hosting, we’ll measure your page views and calculate how much we need to offset.

You even get to vote for which carbon offset project we support.

True Green Hosting Annual Carbon Report card is a world first innovation from Aussie web host

As featured in:

Restoring natural habitat we plant trees every year with Carbon Neutral at the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

Restore natural habitat in Australia

Every year you’re with us, we plant trees to help offset the emissions from our servers.

We partner with Carbon Neutral at Australia’s largest biodiverse reforestation carbon sink.

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor was previously cleared land for farming.

Now with your help, we can help restore this natural habitat.

Free tips on the house:

Free tips on the house:

Sleep easy at night with the beauty of...

Sleep easy at night with the beauty of…

Fast and secure web hosting

Carbon offsets to help cool the planet

24/7 tech support (no matter where you are in the world)

Outstanding bang for your buck

Supporting 1% for the Planet

Helping remote pacific island schools to ditch fossil fuels with clean energy

No lock in contracts, easy to switch


^Aviation predictions based on Making Net Zero Carbon emissions report and trajectory in comparison to The Royal Society Internet emissions report.

#EPA calculations for C02 estimations.