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Web hosting that's kind to the planet.

Green Web Hosting Australia.


Green Web Hosting Australia.

What exactly is a web host?

A web host manages the server where your website’s code is stored and helps ensure a fast, accessible, and safe web experience. 

True Green® web hosting is a web hosting service provider that caters to website owners and is dedicated to sustainability. We have servers located in Sydney and a global team to support our clients.

We aim to reduce the impact of internet usage on the environment and offer the option to update hosting and keep existing domain names for established websites.

Take the first step in making your website green by updating your hosting

True Green® web hosting Australia is the best way to reduce your website’s carbon footprint.

We take sustainability seriously.
That's why we've implemented carbon offsetting and partnered with energy-efficient datacentres and renewable energy providers to ensure that our services are as environmentally friendly as possible.

It means that even if it takes a lot of power to run your website, there are enough trees planted and carbon offsets to take care of it, by helping to absorb the CO2 your website creates every year.

Trees are neat, aren’t they?

Sleep easy at night with the beauty of...

Sleep easy at night with the beauty of…

Fast and secure web hosting

Carbon offsets to help cool the planet

24/7 tech support (no matter where you are in the world)

Outstanding bang for your buck

Supporting 1% for the Planet

Helping remote pacific island schools to ditch fossil fuels with clean energy