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A domain name is an address for your website and a web host is the building in which your website is stored

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It may not seem like it, but our web presence has a carbon footprint too.

Imagine a little burrow in the ground where you can store all your internet files, images or even websites, like those precious Joey pics.

And just like how a kangaroo needs to use its legs to hop around, a web hosting server (that stores these files) needs power to share that data with the world and keep things running well.

The internet contributes to 2-3% of global emissions and is expected to overtake the aviation industry as a big polluter^.

On average a website can pollute more than 211kg of C02 a year, enough to power around 26,000 smartphones#.

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Green Web Hosting Australia.


Green Web Hosting Australia.

What exactly is a web host?

A web host manages your server, where your website’s content like images and text is stored.

Whilst it might not seem visible to you every day, your data needs to be stored in a physical place known as a data centre.

Here at True Green®, we can house your website locally in Sydney, Australia and help measure your carbon footprint.

Our cPanel (control panel) secure web hosting provides over 200 ways for you to create a website without fuss.

You can use common platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and more to get online. Or speak to our friendly team if you are not sure which one suits your needs.

Take the first step in making your website green by updating your hosting

The best way to reduce your website’s carbon footprint.

We take sustainability seriously.

That's why we've implemented carbon offsetting and partnered with energy-efficient data centres and renewable energy providers to ensure that our services are as environmentally friendly as possible.

It means that even if it takes a lot of power to run your website, there are enough trees planted and carbon offsets to take care of it, by helping to absorb the CO2 your website creates every year your green hosted.

Trees are neat, aren’t they?



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How To Increase WordPress Security

Ever asked yourself, “website security for WordPress? Do I really need that?” While you might think no one would hack a small business website randomly,

Sleep easy at night with the beauty of...

Sleep easy at night with the beauty of…

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Helping remote pacific island schools to ditch fossil fuels with clean energy

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^Aviation predictions based on Making Net Zero Carbon emissions report and trajectory in comparison to The Royal Society Internet emissions report.

#EPA calculations for C02 estimations.