Why True Green®

Eco friendly web hosting

Let us introduce ourselves:

True Green® is about being honest, eco friendly and Australian

Founded by Aussie business and sustainability advocate Ray Pastoors, watch the video to see if our values align with yours.

Secure and local datacentres

We’ve got your back when it comes to your website and keeping it secure. 

You’ll be well supported by team members in Melbourne and local datacentres run by NextDC in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you happen to want more protection including virus clean-ups if your site goes sour, you can add Security Plus, using the Sucuri Anycast network.

Passionate about a green web for all

Like you (we hope), we are passionate about keeping our planet intact for future generations.

That’s why we put the planet first and want to help you find ways to make a difference without needing a science degree.

You can verify our green credentials on The Green Web Foundation directory and on our Impact Statement.

Support when you need us

If you love an early morning or are a night owl – our 24/7 global technical penguins can help you when you get stuck.

They’ll catch you like their fish*, online or over the phone.

Catch phish* in their words.

Experience and technology you can trust

You may have heard of them, but if not they are a big deal to most web hosts in the industry, including us who wants to deliver you fast, accessible and secure services.

cPanel, Axigen, Cloudlinux, Dell, Solid Security and more.

Our origin-al story!

How eco friendly web hosting was born.


Back in 2010, we took the first steps in figuring out just exactly how we could deliver a better and greener web.

Founded by our resident Captain Planet Ray Pastoors, Ray kicked things off by creating his own online business and learning about information technology, servers, emissions and web security.


Since then, he’s been joined by a whole bunch of experts in the industry. Most of us are working from home to deliver you the best possible solutions without the cost of a large physical office space (excluding the servers of course), so we can pass that extra value onto you instead.

Current date

While we’re based in the land down under, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to our own patch of dirt.

That’s why we’ve got a team available around the clock, across our beautiful planet just ready and waiting to help you.

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True Green® fair dinkum promise to you:

Planet first:
Our eco friendly web hosting is designed to take care of our planet and your business at the same time. We put the planet first to ensure all our decisions minimise your and our carbon footprint.
Jargon free:
No one likes a know-it-all. We do our best to speak like you. If you think we are being too fancy or techy, tell us and we’ll break it down further.
service with a smile. The peeps who go above and beyond where it counts.
Easy breezy!
An experience with fewer roadblocks, so you can move on with your day.

How are you different from the rest?

The list is a bit technical but we promise it’s all worth knowing about:

  • With True Green® Web Hosting, you’ll be covered with 99% uptime year-round. That means even Mercury retrograde will have trouble rocking your website.

  • We’ve got options for the techy people too. If you prefer to do your own WordPress updates (or use a different type of software) you can choose the True Green® hosting plan that suits you.

  • All our hosting plans include hourly back-ups: because if you get stuck in the mud, you’ll need someone to get you out.

  • We partner with the best in the industry to deliver you fast, secure, and reliable web hosting. With partners and tech like Sucuri, Cloudlinux, and Imunify360 to name a few.

  • There are tiers across our plans. We wanted to make it as accessible price-wise as possible, while also making sure you aren’t paying for bits you don’t want or need.

We can’t name the big guys of the hosting industry (damn lawyers), but don't plan to be like those alligators. Being a business owner myself, I understand the pain of dealing with crazy tech firms who treat you as a number and confuse you. We want to build a True Green® Web Host network that makes things easy as for you like a true daddy, and we’re always here to work together on building that awesome experience."
Ray Pastoors


We like to think we’re a pretty friendly bunch.

If you’ve got questions or want to figure out your options, we’re always on hand to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Don’t take our word for it, though.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us.

" Thanks to True Green my website looks very good and I am always grateful the team is helping out with my site if I can't do it myself. Well worth investing in a good reliable website, and a team with good communication skills. ."

" When you want a business to be true to its values, providing great service, fabulous people and making your world work that little bit easier - I recommend you talk to the team at True Green. 100% happy with them. Thanks guys."