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The internet is set to contribute more carbon emissions than aviation^

It may not seem like it, but our web presence has a carbon footprint too.

Imagine a little burrow in the ground where you can store all your internet files, images or even websites, like those precious Joey pics.

And just like how a kangaroo needs to use its legs to hop around, a web hosting server (that stores these files) needs power to share that data with the world and keep things running well.

Keep those specific goals and objectives in mind when you're doing your research

3 ‘Dirty’ Elements of the web today:


Datacentres need cooling 24/7, using billions of litres of water, a dirty industry secret.

Electricity usage

Australia’s coal power use leads to a larger carbon footprint than New Zealand’s 81% renewable energy use in 2021.


Tech waste is problematic at various levels: datacentres, the tech industry, and individuals dumping devices.

Datacentres generate heat and CO2, contributing to climate change. While there are some low-carbon sources of power,  around 80% of global power comes from fossil fuels.

What you can do:

Spring clean
Keep an eye out for how many files you store on the web or save to your devices. Delete any unused images, documents or files you no longer need and turn off auto cloud back-ups for every file.
Support renewable energy
Most households and businesses don't know that they can support renewables by purchasing GreenPower from their energy retailer. You could also consider switching to solar energy to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint.
Compress files and images:
When sending or uploading files to the web, consider compressing them first with tools like (does JPEG files too) and for your PDF docs.
Choose eco alternatives
Look for sustainable and ethical options and investigate their claims to avoid greenwashing. For example, here at True Green® we are all about helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint on the web in a transparent way.

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Enjoy two eco-friendly options

Free website domain

If you run a business, or a friend does, get them a free Aussie domain name worth $25 for 1 year. After the year’s up, you decide whether you want to keep the domain or transfer it. Simple.

Multiple servers in green email hosting Australia
Free carbon offset

When you submit the form, we’ll help offset your carbon footprint by supporting a Carbon Neutral accredited project.

Good for you and the planet. Now that's a win-win!

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Terms and conditions:

  • This promo code is only applicable for the first 100 sign-ups. This promo code can be used for the period between 11 December 2023 to 31 December or until the allocation is sold out.
  • Only 1 (one) free .au domain is applicable per person valid for 12 months. Any extra .au domains in your order will be voided.
  • Advanced Domain name Management (records hosting) is free. You can transfer the domain after 60 days or choose to keep it with us on renewal at the given price stated at the time. The current rate is $25 + GST for the year.
  • All registrant rules and policies, terms and conditions still apply.
  • By signing up and receiving your free .AU domain, you are consenting to receiving occasional email newsletters from us. Don’t worry, we won’t spam your inbox – we hate that as much as you do!
  • This offer is not affiliated with Richard, Facebook, or any other third parties.
  • Carbon offset will be measured based on 2 grams of C02 per submission, with the total contributing to a total carbon offset purchase. The amount will be added to the Impact page post closure of this offer.

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^Aviation predictions based on Making Net Zero Carbon emissions report and trajectory in comparison to The Royal Society Internet emissions report.