How to tell your disk space usage in cPanel

If you are with a current web hosting environment, you may have access to a control panel (cPanel).

The cPanel has a disk space usage feature that can tell you how much disk space you use.

Watch this video to find out more:

In this video, Ray shows you where to find your disk space usage amount using the statistics information box or the “Files” and “Disk usage” sections of the menu.

If you do not have access to a cPanel, your provider may give you access to another backend to view this information.

Look out for terms like disk space, usage or limits.

Some providers may have ‘unlimited’ disk space, but be mindful that the disk space is restricted often based on other terms and conditions. This can be found hidden away usually in the service terms and conditions. As disk space is a cost to hosting and your C02, there needs to be a limit on how many files you can use or store to reflect this.

At True Green, we regularly check your disk space and file limits to ensure you are living within your means. Plus, it goes back to our green promise. As unnecessary disk space usage can eat up your hosting plan, but also make an environmental impact too.


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